At a Glance

  • Athletes shine in golf and powerlifting
  • Stellar performance at the Asian Games
  • Encouraging more of the public to be physically active.

Sports figures from the Republic of China are being recognized internationally for their achievements at high-profile competitions, and the nation has in recent years been the host of a number of world sporting events. Often participating under the name “Chinese Taipei,” the nation’s top athletes are steadily building a reputation for themselves in a variety of sports ranging from billiards and golf to taekwondo and powerlifting.

Having hosted the 2009 World Games and Summer Deaf Olympics, Taiwan is once again looking to showcase its sports environment and management efficiency. In January 2011, it held the season-ending Super Series Finals for the world’s best eight badminton players and, in July, staged for the first time ever a world baseball championship for players 12 and under. It is also scheduled to hold a major women’s golf event in October.